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One topic that I get asked about repeatedly when trying to spread positivity about EV’s is charging. More specifically for those without a driveway to park their car on in order for them to charge the EV from the electricity in their home.

Now this is (or was) one of the biggest hurdles that needed to be overcome for the masses to adopt EVs. As you can imagine the majority of  car users don’t have a driveway to park their car on overnight. This obviously makes it slightly more difficult to charge their cars up. Until recently.

Not everyone has a drive way. Where do you expect them to charge their electric vehicles up?

Some genius realised that we don’t need to start digging up the roads and pathways to install new charging systems as we already have a extensive network already embedded into our roads. The humble lamp post. Brilliant!


The whole infrastructure is already in the ground and with the lamps themselves being changed from halogen to LED in recent years they don’t use the capability of the cabling originally installed. Slide in a retrofitted charging module to these posts and you have a ready to go charge station right next to your door!

As with everything in the EV world at the moment we are only at the very beginning of this new charging idea. But this is a huge step in the right direction to solving one of the biggest question marks in our industry. We have a solution. We have the technology. So let’s get it done!


Currently there are few lamp post charging stations and the ones that are up and running are all in London but it won’t be long before you start seeing them spring up in your local area. We at Electric Cars Trader love this simple (and cost effective) solution to one of the biggest question marks in the EV world.


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Electric Cars Trader


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