Jaguar I-Pace

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If patriotism and electric cars are your thing then grab your tea and scone and check out the new Jaguar I-Pace.


Yes we Brits have our very own (and very good) Electric Car.  


In 2018 this car has had a lot of hype and exposure, all justified I would say. This is a very good first attempt to rival the biggest name in the Electric Car industry, Tesla.

With this being Jaguar’s first electric car they have put in an incredible amount of effort into making the best vehicle for the EV market. As you would expect with the Jaguar brand this is not something that has been created on a budget.


The crossover shape is very popular, with enough space to take the whole family at ease. It has the broadest reach into the market and with the shapes they have designed into the body this car is certainly striking.

Look a little further under the aesthetics and the specs aren’t to be sniffed at either. The electric motor produces 394 bhp and 513lb ft of Torque, plenty fast enough for 0 – 60 time of 4.5 seconds. The battery size is 90kWh which is very encouraging to see. It’s the only EV to come close to Tesla’s 100kWh. Charging times are expected; with your 7kW home charger you can see 0-80% charge in roughly 10 hours. Then Jaguar has somewhat future proofed the i-Pace by enabling it to be charged with a 100kW rapid charger. When they reach the UK you can expect to get the same amount of charge in 45 minutes! Bravo, Jaguar.

Then the all important range, the official WLTP stat is 292 miles. It’s good to see that we now have real world examples of 300 mile range cars and we look forward to seeing this become the benchmark for all EVs!

The I-Pace starts at £64,495 and is eligible for the government grant (long may it continue). I look forward to getting my hands on this very desirable and tech filled car!

We highly recommend you go check out EV Opinions full review he did on the i-Pace at one of our EV Dealers Just EVs!


It’s no secret EV’s are coming, so get ahead of the curve, be independent and go for the outside option. For EV’s the benefits are endless.  


Matt Shillings

Electric Cars Trader

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