Honda e Prototype

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Like every other company, Honda have dipped their toe in the water of EVs because they had to for regulatory purposes. They did just what (nearly) everyone else did and took one of their already produced cars, threw a load of crappy batteries and a electric motor at it and told nobody about it because they didn’t really want to make it.   

Now things have changed... A lot.

We have just had the very real glimpse of what Honda will be bringing to the market as their first truly ‘new’ EV. And it’s called the Honda e Prototype and we really like it.

Roughly a year ago Honda unveiled their EV concept, the Urban EV. A small futuristic looking EV aimed towards the city driver. That car got a lot of positive attention. Everyone went away trying to guess what it would actually look like if they were to build it for the mass market. As we all know concept cars are exactly that, a concept. And 9 times out of 10 they rarely bare any resemblance when they come to production.

Well that was until they recently showed us the near production ready car. Honda have very much stuck to the initial concept design and changed almost nothing, well other than the name. It is now called the Honda e Prototype.

There is a blend of retro, futuristic and minimalist features carried throughout the design. From the very simple oval/circular shapes on the body to the very luxurious and futuristic dashboard display. This little EV sure packs a lot in to it’s small body.

The information that we have for the production model are:

  • 200 km / 124 mile range
  • Type 2 and CCS charger ports
  • 5 door only
  • 4 seats
  • Rear wheel drive
  • 3.9 meters long
  • Tuck in door handles

it is important to have the circle, triangle and square

For the design they have stuck to their founders (Soichiro Honda) legacy who said “it is important to have the circle, triangle and square”, with the Circle representing harmony, Triangle representing advanced and Square representing function. You will find this design very focused around those three shapes and you see that in the very detail of the car.

The wing mirrors have been replaced with cameras containing monitors inside, this improves aerodynamics and visibility with glaring headlights from behind. We really hope these make it to the final model.

This inside is very humbling but striking with the spread of screens on the dashboard for all the apps and features you can control using it. It is very impressive to look at and it is just what a EV needs to stand out from the standard button heavy interiors of other cars, including Honda’s own!

This car will be ready and for sale in 2019 although we don’t yet have an official date. But we can’t wait to see it on the streets this year!

It is focused on urban driving with a small, compact and minimal design and we love it.

Matt Shillings

Electric Cars Trader

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