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The YouTube channel, Fully Charged, hosted by Robert Llewellyn and Jonny Smith is one of the driving forces for the new world of EVs. Their content stems from their pure enthusiasm and passion for the industry and  has increased exposure of the new driving culture massively!

Fully Charged was started by Robert in 2010 for a very defined purpose. He wanted to promote content which ranges from cars to renewable and sustainable energy and this channel has been a true inspiration for us at Electric Cars Trader and I appreciate every high quality video they make! 

So from years of showing me and a million others more the potential of future technology for our cars and much more, they pulled their finger out and created a show. With any new show you wonder how many will turn out, if any. But there was no need for the Fully Charged team to doubt this because the place was filled to the ceiling! If anything my only criticism from the day (which is actually a positive) was the venue was too small!


The show was held at Silverstone race track. To get from the car park to the venue the Tesla Owners Club kindly offered to shuttle people across. It was awesome because it allowed so many people to experience their first EV ride and come on, it doesn’t get much better than a Tesla.

 Inside the show were 3 halls filled with exhibitions and theatre areas where they were holding non-stop talks throughout the day. Underneath they had made use of the garages by showcasing some of the best EVs, classic car conversions and E-bikes.

Along with the array of EVs on display there were some super interesting stalls with fantastic technology on offer. It’s amazing seeing all the different options for turning your home into your very own renewable power station! Also seeing what innovating solutions are being introduced for charging your car up if you don’t have a driveway.

There was a wide variety of talks too. Everything from the introduction of electric vehicles to questioning where our energy will come from in the future. This show really did pack so much into such a small space! My favourite talk was ‘What is a Watt!’. It was a cool and easy way to learn the new terminology that is associated with EVs.

All I can say is if you are not sure about electric cars and renewable energy get yourself there next year because you will learn so much! Plus you might get a ride in a Tesla – it’s a win win!

‘From looking behind the myths of renewable energy, to seeking the truth about conventional generation, Robert Llewellyn demonstrates what the future could have in store for us all.’

Massive thanks to the Fully Charged team for setting up and executing such an awesome community of passionate EV drivers.

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