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It seems that every day we are bombarded with really positive and compelling news in the EV world. At Electric Cars Trader we are super excited to see the advancements in the industry, from new cars appearing on the roads to innovative renewable only energy companies powering our chargers.


We want to give you a quick overview of the most important and interesting news that has come out in the recent weeks.

VW ID. 3

The eagerly anticipated VW ID. 3 is now open for deposits. Be one of the first to get your hands on VWs first all new EV. The UK will get the ID. 3 ‘1st Plus’ trim initially, which has a 58 kWh battery, and a range of 261 miles (WLTP). Charging can be carried out at speeds of 100-125 kW via CCS, and the first ID. 3’s will roll off the production line at the end of the year. Deliveries are expected from summer 2020.

The ID.3 will have three different battery size options starting with a range of 205 miles range and topping out with 341 miles range (which is very impressive!). VW claim the ID has running costs of up to 30% less than a petrol/diesel car.

Prices are unconfirmed for the UK market yet, but German buyers will see the ID. 3 range start at under €30,000, and less than €40,000 for the ID. 3 1st edition.

If you are interested you can put a £750 deposit down to enter the list. Also the first buyers will get 2,000 kWh free public charging for the first year able to be use by the We Charge app, and the IONITY ultra-rapid charging network.

Honda E

The Honda E is now also open to make your reservation. This is another car that is totally new and absolutely packed with new tech to sink your teeth into. The Honda has a expected range of 125 miles and is aimed for city driving with its compact size. It is also expected to have charging capability of 80% in 30 minutes.

We are still waiting on the price but for £800 you can get priority status to order their Honda E later this year. Deliveries are expected at the start of 2020.

Mercedes Benz EQC

Another EV release! The Mercedes Benz EQC is now available to order. The new Tesla Model X rival is another luxurious SUV boasting a long range and a strong motor to back it up. From its 80 kWh battery you will get 259 miles range, and 408bhp from its twin electric motors one per axle. With all that power you will get a 0 – 60 time of 5.1 seconds which is impressive for a SUV!

Prices start at £65,640 (not including the Plug in Grant of £3500) and up to £79,260 for the top of the range model. Charging is carried out through a CCS connector, with a 7.4 kW on-board charger dealing with fast home and public charging. Rapid charging can deal with up to 110 kW which will come in handy for that huge battery.

With its strong road presence this will be one to look out for in the near future!


The charging company Ionity has announced that its ultra-rapid charger network will be powered by renewable electricity from Octopus Energy.

Ionity has charge points that can charge up to 350 kW and has opened its first charging station in Maidstone, and has 40 more planned by 2020.

All Ionity stations will be powered by Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice service, which provides 100% green electricity to businesses with variable consumption to get the best energy prices.

This is a huge tick in the box for the transition to renewable energy. It’s fantastic to see these types of companies starting their network off on the right foot using the technology available to us and putting the environment first.

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