Electric and Hybrid Car Sales Up 20.9% 2018

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The UK had a tough year with what looked like the perfect storm for vehicle manufacturers. Struggling to keep up with the emission regulations and the introduction of the new drive cycle for measuring the different metrics of a car, supply has been slowed down and dare I say the ‘B’ word has caused a slight decrease in demand recently.

The UK saw a small 6.8% decline of vehicle sales in 2018 but the Electric and Hybrid sales recorded an impressive and encouraging increase in sales.

Between the Electric and Hybrid vehicles (marked AFV ‘Alternative Fuelled Vehicle’ in the below table) we saw a increase of 20.9%. This is incredible considering the current climate. Comparing it to diesel sales which are down 29.6%, we have done exceptionally well.

The electric revolution is coming!

What is more encouraging is looking at the sales increase for Electric Vehicles solely in December 18 which rose by 59.3% with 1,534 units sold according to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

This increase in Electric car sales is evident all over the world. In the US they have seen an increase of 81% on Electric cars alone according to Green Tech Media. Read their article here: www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/us-electric-vehicle-sales-increase-by-81-in-2018#gs.D4X8uZtp


And in Norway nearly half of the cars sold in 2018 were Electric or Plug-in Hybrid!


We believe we are at the very beginning of the mass adoption of Electric and Plug-in cars. With so many new models coming out this year, not to mention the batteries getting bigger and the prices becoming more reasonable, I am positive we will see an amazing transformation in the automotive industry very soon.

Matt Shillings

Electric Cars Trader

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