Servicing and Repair

Now what are the advantages of the electric car when it comes to servicing?

Coming from a very hands on background of vehicles the benefits of an EV in comparison to a combustion engine car are two fold.

Along with dozens of perfectly justifiable reasons for EV’s being the logical choice when looking at it from the servicing and repair angle. There are three main things that scream at me when thinking about servicing and repairing a EV.

  1. No more oil and oil filter changes
  2. No more timing belt replacements
  3. No more clutch and flywheel replacements

These three tasks alone would cost you thousands of pounds not to mention the reoccurring cost of the oil and oil filter changes.

Now being political and seeing this from both sides of the fence the biggest cost for repairs with EV’s are the battery packs. However this has to be one of the most reliable parts on the car. Not to mention how little degradation the newer generations of batteries are having. During every service you will have a battery test which tests the battery strength capacity so you will be able to see what condition it is in.  See our ‘All About Batteries’ page for more information!

In a internal combustion engine you have hundreds of moving parts all working simultaneously to turn a crank shaft which in turn turns a gear box which transfers that to the differential and finally to the wheels to drive.

In a electric car, you have a electric motor which turns using zero external force or friction and applies drive through the differential directly.

I’ll let you do the math. Less moving parts. Less to go wrong.

Other benefits to consider are:

  • Less brake wear due to regenerative capabilities
  • You don’t have to hold a combustible liquid right under your back seats.
  • No additive is needed for cleaner driving (e.g Ad Blue)
  • The list can go on and on, don’t take our word for it. Look for yourself.

Make sure to check out the rest of our information page and if you have any question be sure to ask!

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