Where to charge, how to charge and everything in-between.

Where to charge you car

When you enter the EV world you have to think differently about fueling/charging your car up. With a EV you will almost never have to charge away from home unless for longer journeys. You are able to charge your EV up at home while your watching the TV, eating your dinner and sleeping. You will wake up every morning with a full charge ready for your travels. Sounds better than stopping at a fuel station every week huh?

When you purchase an EV, providing you have off street parking the best thing you can do is to install a charge point at your property . If you do not have the luxury of having off street parking, then you can charge at a public charger, at work or during your commute to/from work at a fast charger. The charging network has grown massively over recent years and it continues to grow every day!

Business’s are now being incentivised to install charge points at work as well as other places such as supermarkets, fuel stations & car parks. The best place to find the closest chargers to you are to visit www.zappmap.co.uk. these also have a user friendly app.

Here are 2 major companies in the UK that have charger distributed throughout the UK:

www.ecotricity.co.uk/chargepoints. (example)

www.tesla.co.uk/charging (example)


How To Pay For Public Charging

Depending on which charger you want to use there may be a different way to pay for it. In the early stages of public charging a RFID card was required to be able to use the charger however more recently apps have been the more favourable option when paying for your public charge.

The most simple way to activate and pay for your charge is to use an app on your phone. You download the app for the specific charger and input your payment details. It is all simple quick and convenient as all you need is your phone.

Another method that some chargers use are RFID cards that are used to activate and start the charging. Depending on the charging company these cards can either be pre loaded with money or they can be used in a pay as you go way.

Some third party providers are teaming up with multiple charger providers to offer a service where you can use more than one charger using the same app/card. To find out more click on the link: https://www.zap-map.com/charge-points/public-charging-point-networks/

Charger types

How fast you are able to charge up your vehicle depends on the battery capacity and how fast your charger can recharge your battery. There are 4 main types of battery chargers in the UK and we will be seeing faster charging in the near future.

(all chargers are measures in Kilowatt – kW)

  • Standard Charger: 3kW
  • Fast Charger: 7kW
  • Rapid Charger: 50kW
  • Tesla Superchargers: 120kW (currently exclusive to Tesla cars)

Please be aware there are multiple manufacturers with different plugs for each type of charger, so adapters may be required at certain charge points.

Below you will find a graph showing the approximate charge times for a 60 kWh battery pack using the different charging options. We have shown 2 charging times for each (80 and 100 %) as all EV’s restrict the charge rate from 80% to improve battery life and prevent excessive degradation.

Average Times to Recharge a 60kW battery (hrs)

  • 80% Charge
  • 100% Charge

Standard vs Smart Charger

As technology progresses and EV features become more advanced we will see Smart Charging introduced. Smart Chargers allow you to back feed energy into your house or the grid so you can sell the electricity stored in your car during peak times when it is needed. Standard home chargers do not have the ability to back feed the grid.

Home Charger Installers

There are number of certified and approved EV charger installation companies in the UK that can install a new charger at your property. These companies can also apply for Grants from the Government on your behalf to get money off a new charger installation. To find a list of these companies and what Grants are available, please go to www.EVcharging.gov.uk/installersorGrants.

To find out more information about this Grant go check out our ‘Grants and Incentives’ page!

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