9 Out Of 10 EV Drivers Would NEVER Go Back.

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If you are wanting to learn about anything in the world of EVs or are just interested in the new technologies in cars as well as other renewable energy Fully Charged is the place to go. We have spoken about them before when we travelled down to Silverstone to attend their first show, Fully Charged Live.

9 out of 10 plug-in car drivers would never go back to petrol or diesel.

Since their birth some 8 years ago they have created over 380 videos on Youtube. And amassed a audience of nearly 400k. They are the number 1 Electric Vehicle and Clean Energy Channel.

To gain a better insight into what its audience wanted they held a survey where some 7,723 people took part (including myself). From that 50 question survey there were some striking outcomes, all very positive for the EV community!

The most positive being 9 out of 10 plug-in car drivers would never go back to petrol or diesel.

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That is astonishing. It is showing real EV users are firstly, happy they made the switch to electric powered cars and secondly,nearly all of them would never go back to a internal combustion engine car.  

Other results from this survey showed nearly two thirds of Fully Charged audience intent to purchase an EV and make the switch before 2020.

Also that the issue that has held consumers back from buying an EV is not the available options, or the lack of charging infrastructure, it is the cost of new (33%) and used (14.9%) Electric Vehicle. Despite EVs having a much lower running cost and are increasingly competitive over the Total Cost of Ownership.

Fully Charged’s host, Robert Llewellyn commented: “I have been banging on about Electric Cars, Solar Panels and Batteries for the best part of 10 years, so it’s incredibly gratifying to see the excitement that our viewers have for all things cleantech. Having experienced how impressive electric cars are, we were not surprised to see so many other drivers saying that they won’t go back to the combustion engine, but it might shock those that have yet to switch. Perhaps, more surprising was that two-thirds of our audience who are yet to buy an EV intend to do so in the next two years.”

I would encourage anyone with the slightest interest in Electric Vehicles to go check out the Fully Charged channel on Youtube. The variety or videos and the depth of information they go to for their viewers is second to none. Hey, we might end up seeing you at the second Fully Charged Live event at Silverstone on 7th, 8th and 9th June 2019

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